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Welcome to HiTek Telecom! I'm Alee Hedeyati, the founder of HiTek Telecom, your premier partner for comprehensive telecommunication solutions in the greater Seattle area and beyond. Since our inception in 2017, we have been passionately providing top-notch data, voice, and TV cabling solutions to businesses of all sizes.
Our small but mighty team, which I lead, is committed to offering personalized and top-quality services. From our headquarters in the technological hub of Kirkland, Washington, we're always at the forefront of the latest trends and innovations in the field. At HiTek Telecom, we specialize in a wide range of telecommunications services, including broadband, data cabling, voice cabling, and PBX cutover. Whether you need CAT 5e, CAT 6, or Fiber optic cabling, we have the expertise to provide these services either independently or as part of a comprehensive design and installation package tailored to your business's unique needs.
Recognizing the critical role of reliable connectivity in the success of your business, we use high-performance cables and quality components to ensure optimal network performance. We take pride in offering solutions designed to provide seamless connectivity and unparalleled security.
As part of our commitment to delivering excellent customer service, we offer remote support and specialize in the sale and installation of phone systems, ensuring a smooth transition when you need to switch phone companies.
Prioritizing your business's security, we provide high-grade security cameras and speaker cables. We're also adept at providing total MDU cabling solutions for a range of sectors, including hotels, motels, apartment buildings, and medical buildings.
At HiTek Telecom, we're more than just service providers; we're your partners in building a secure, connected, and technologically advanced future.

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    Our Mission

    At HiTek Telecom, our mission is to empower businesses by providing top-tier, innovative telecommunication solutions that enhance connectivity, security, and efficiency. We are committed to offering personalized services, leveraging high-performance technology, and maintaining superior industry standards. As forward-thinking pioneers, we aspire to shape the future of telecommunications by staying at the forefront of technological advancements. Our aim is to create lasting partnerships with our clients, ensuring their success in the digital age. We believe in leaving a legacy of seamless communication, unwavering service reliability, and transformative technology that pushes the boundaries of what is possible. We are dedicated to revolutionizing your digital journey, bridging gaps, and creating an ecosystem that drives your business’s innovation, collaboration, and success.

    HiTek Telecom
    What We Stand For

    Our Core Values

    At HiTek Telecom, we uphold core values that serve as the pillars of our business operations and guide our every action. These values reflect our unwavering commitment to our mission and the legacy we strive to build.


    At HiTek Telecom, innovation isn’t just a catchphrase, it's deeply ingrained in our ethos. We are unwavering in our commitment to pushing technological boundaries, ensuring our clients stay ahead in the dynamic telecommunications landscape. Our reputation stems from not just deploying solutions, but meticulously crafting them to address each client's unique challenges. Beyond mere innovation, trust, transparency, and teamwork define us. Clients trust us because of our consistent results and clear communication. We don't just provide services; we establish enduring partnerships, guiding businesses towards telecommunication success. At HiTek Telecom, we champion excellence and adaptability, keeping both us and our clients at the industry's forefront.


    At HiTek Telecom, excellence drives every decision, it's a deeply ingrained ethos. Every decision we make, every project we undertake, and every interaction we have is fueled by a relentless commitment to unparalleled quality. Continually refining our products and services, we see every task as an opportunity to uphold and demonstrate our dedication. As we navigate the complexities of a rapidly evolving industry, our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures we don't just meet, but regularly transcend, the expectations of our clients. Our pursuit of perfection sets us apart, making us a beacon in the telecommunication landscape.

    Unwavering Integrity

    At HiTek Telecom, our commitment to integrity defines every business move we make. Our dealings are transparent, and our actions are steered by ethical considerations, ensuring we create and maintain a reservoir of trust with all our clients and partners. Honesty isn't merely a checkbox for us—it's the guiding force behind our long-standing relationships and consistent success. We proudly wear our track record of accountability and trustworthiness as a testament to our deep-rooted principles. With HiTek Telecom, clients don't just get premier telecommunication solutions; they get a partner whose word is as solid as the cutting-edge solutions we provide.

    Client-Centered Approach

    HiTek Telecom thrives on a philosophy where our clients occupy the center stage. Every action, strategy, and solution is sculpted with an acute understanding of our client's distinct requirements. Our commitment doesn't end at just delivering; it extends to forging relationships built on trust and mutual growth. By intertwining our success narrative with that of our clients, we don't just aim for satisfaction – we aim for shared triumphs. At HiTek Telecom, it's not just about telecommunication solutions; it's about crafting success stories, one client at a time.

    Synergy in Unity

    At HiTek Telecom, collaboration is not just a concept but an integral part of our work ethos. It's the confluence of diverse ideas, expertise, and insights from our cohesive team that sparks innovation. This spirit is not limited within our walls; it seamlessly extends to our partnerships with clients. It's our unwavering belief that a collective approach paves the way for groundbreaking solutions and monumental achievements. Embracing this harmonious synergy, HiTek Telecom not only promises exceptional performance but also weaves a tapestry of enduring trust, unparalleled customer experiences, and a beacon of industry distinction.


    Our Client Review

    HiTek Telecom is awesome! We requested them to install security cameras for us, and they did an excellent job. Alee was patient and explained the project in detail before the project. He also fine-tuned the angles of the cameras with us before his team left. Bonus: He accepts credit cards without extra fees -- This is not common among small business that work on projects of this scale in this area.

    Hong X.

    Seattle, WA

    So far they have been spectacular! Attention to detail, passion about their work, great communication. Looking forward to finishing the project together - it was too much work to fit in a single day. What they did: fiber runs from a central area (one of the rooms) to two different locations in the house, plus numerous short Cat6a runs (about 6 or more). Very happy with the quality. Alee is probably the best in town in computer networking.

    Yavor A.

    Kirkland, WA

    I couldn't be happier. Alee and team crushed it. We just closed on a new home, totally new construction, zero crawl space, and very little existing ethernet. And yet we needed 8 cameras, 4 wifi, all with our main two requirements: 1. we don't want to see any wires 2. don't require patches to drywall, as the paint and texture would be tricky to match. ...... My wife is also thrilled. We love our new house, and were super-worried that a poor post-construction install job would ruin the aesthetic. Not the case at all. To top it all off, his quote was the lowest. No gauging, no unnecessary upgrades, and made sure we understood both the 'what' and they 'why' behind every decision.

    Mike R.

    Kirkland, WA

    We've been struggling with inconsistent internet and wifi access at our home for years despite trying multiple solutions to improve our home coverage (wifi extenders, new router, etc.). With COVID, between working from home and kids doing school we were constantly having video calls drop and wifi outages. HiTek's service was professional, reasonably priced, and the end result is amazing. I wish I had called 6-months ago when we all transitioned to our home. We'd definitely use HiTek again in the future.

    Stacy A.

    Redmond, WA

    HiTek and Alee's service was excellent, professional, and reasonably priced. We had our new home hardwired with ethernet, added another tv cable, and assessed for a security camera. Alee was helpful and did really good work despite some of the challenges our house poses. We'll definitely be using HiTek again in the future.

    Sach T.

    Seattle, WA

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